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Creating A Blog About Smoking Meat

Cooking has been defined as the art, skill, science or technology of preparing food which is aimed at human consumption. Researchers have postulated that human ancestors were invented 23 million years ago. There are various methods of cooking and they include — Roasting, Baking, Smoking, Frying, Steaming, and Boiling. Therefore, in creating a blog about smoking meat, the following should be taken note of:
– Give a brief introduction and definition of cooking and smoking as a cooking process.
– State the types of smokers used for smoking meat as well as their various functions
– Mention the methods involved in smoking meat
– Always use pictures show the types of meats, woods as well as smokers needed for smoking meat
– Give the best method for preserving the cooked meat
– State how the burners can be cleaned for preservation

STEP ONE — Choosing a smoker
First, it is good to note the various types of smokers that can be used to prepare smoke meat. They are Electric smokers, Charcoal smokers, Propane smokers, Wood smokers, and Pellet smokers.

STEP TWO — Brining the meat
Brining is the process whereby salt, herbs, spices, vinegar or caramel is applied to the meat in order to preserve and enhance the taste of the cooked pork meat.

STEP THREE — Keep the temperature slow and low
This is another important step in cooking meat, it is good to keep the temperature between 212 and 230 degrees Fahrenheit. With this temperature, the meat’s cell walls would not blow up and burst and it will make the meat more succulent and also retain its nutrients during the smoking process. Tough collagens in the tissue of the pork meats are hydrolyzed into gelatine without the proteins being overheated and this is as a result of the low cooking temperatures.

STEP FOUR—Sat the cooking time
It is advisable to calculate a cooking time of 6 — 8 hours. However, this might be hugely affected by the temperature and heat of the grill. Pork ribs usually take up to 8 hours.

STEP FIVE— Placing the pork meat on the smoker
It is better to put the meat on the grill. Do not cover or wrap it with any sort of foil as this will prevent any sort of smoke to touch the pork meat. Avoid direct heat contact with the pork meat.

STEP SIX — Follow the 3-2-1 process
This simply means that the pork meat smokes for the first three hours, and then you cover it with foil for the next 2 hours and then finish it uncovered in the last hour. This is a recommended method that helps to preserve the taste of the pork meat as well as the moisture and it helps to reduce too much fat found in pork meats.

STEP SEVEN — Remove the pork meat when it reaches the right temperature
This is the last step that is involved. A thermometer should be used to monitor when the pork meat reaches the temperature. Usually, pork meat is 160 degrees. When you cut the pork meat and see a pink ring, then just know that it was properly cooked at the right heat and temperature.

A cast iron grill is essential for smoking because of its ability to retain heat for a long period of time. It can last for a long period of time but it is easily affected by water which can lead to rust. This can be avoided by properly cleaning the grill. The following ways are best used for cleaning a cast iron grill.

Clean immediately after USG. Scrape the grate clean of all particles — this is done by using a brush with a little soap. Use warm water to wash after use to remove the soap. Dry the grate after washing. Always coat the grate with vegetable oil or olive oil. Always heat the oiled grill before use. Store them in a dry place

It is always best to buy a smoker that suits your lifestyle and preference. There are different smokers for different uses such as — Vertical water smokers — this is cheap and easy to operate

Horizontal offset smoker — Usually used by professionals for business. It is quite expensive as the price ranges from $1000 – $5000

Box smokers — Also easy to use and less cost-effective
Electric smokers — It has an inbuilt system to control temperatures but you might not get that unique and desired smoke flavor. Others are Drum smokers and smoker ovens

The overall essence of choosing the right smoker is in order to have delicious smoked meat. Once you take the right steps and also use the right smokers in cooking, you will surely get the desired delicious smoked meat.

Eating your favorite food to overcome Writer’s block

Writer block is a familiar condition for all authors. There are no known concrete causes of it but its management lies within the author. Before you embark on solving it, be positive about the condition to help take the shortest time to recover. In adverse cases, a writer can take years to come out of the condition. It is a health, physical and emotional condition integrated into a single ailment. Eating your favorite food is one such solution. A writer can choose to take time and prepare the best BBQ at the backyard.

Causes of writer block

The main causes of writer’s block are fear, perfection and poor timing. Not all the time is the best time to write. If you write at the most inappropriate time, the fear of rejection overrides approval. This reduces your creativity levels. If you are a perfectionist, at this time you will experience a writer’s block.

Smoked BBQ preparation to avoid writer’s block

A writer can invest in the best BBQ smoker to help in preparation of different BBQ recipes.Here are some Seriouslysmoked’s comparison of pellet style smokers: check them out here( .  It is a time-consuming activity, which is advisable for a writer since it takes helps in taking a time off and change the environment away from writing. Whether elastic or charcoal powered smoker; the idea behind the smoker is environment change. Once you set up the smoker and ingredients in the backyard, the sweet aroma, and breathtaking experience give the body a fulfilling effect. The serene provides a satisfactory appreciation of oneself and nature. The preparation activities give the body some physical activity which is a form of exercise. Trying out to ensure the BBQ is tasty and delicious takes out your mind off the creative task ahead of you. It changes your mind completely to focus on physical health.

When was the last time you made a tasty meal for yourself? The equation is complete when there are other family members to help you out make your favorite meal. By the time, you finish the preparation; a writer has a settled mind while the body needs are fulfilled. Automatically, you are fresh to get back to the desk and create new ideas for the write-up.

The antioxidant effect of a smoked BBQ changes your mood hence a happy writer. The overall effect is a clear mind ready to think and be creative for new ideas in writing. The serotonin levels in meat bites is essential for brain cells. It ignites hormones responsible for memory boost allowing a writer to cheer up for the upcoming tasks.

Preparation of a favorite meal is one creating a solution for a writer’s block. Every writer has a way of solving a block. The best method lies at the individual level; personal preference dominates the best solution. Foods rich in minerals increase concentration and improved brain health. At such a time, meat bites, fruits, and vegetables come in handy as a timely solution. In addition, it gives you a time off books to rethink and strategize your next course of action in writing.

Common Pool Vacuum At Home

With spring almost coming to a close, summer is just around the corner. Summer time is when colleges and schools around the world go off and reward their students with a long vacation. It’s the perfect time to sit back, relax and enjoy with friends and family. However, it’s about to the get a lot hotter in the summer. The mercury is going to reach an all-time high in the hot months of May, June, and July. The heat can get pretty uncomfortable. If you live somewhere very hot, you know what a boon it is to have a pool in your backyard. The swimming pool is one of the best places to cool off during the summer. Having a personal pool is great since you no longer require a membership to a club just to use a pool. You can enjoy the pleasures of swimming from the comfort of your own home.

 However, owning a pool entails some responsibilities. One of those is to keep your pool clean. Hygiene and cleanliness are are things you always have to keep in mind and ensure as a pool owner before you think of warming up the pool in the cold season. If you swim in dirty water, it could cause skin allergies and other unpleasant disorders.

 One device that goes a long way towards this end is a pool vacuum cleaner. Anyone who’s serious about the quality of his pool’s water should get one. The pool vacuum cleaner makes the act of cleaning up your pool much easier than it would’ve been otherwise.

 A pool vacuum works on the same principles that vacuum cleaners made for terrestrial use work on. They create a strong suction which pulls in dirt and debris that are present in the pool. The difference is that these are designed to work in water. They can work in water because they use waterproof parts that aren’t affected by moisture. The amount of water entering the unit is also limited. It primarily focuses on collecting sediment and dirt. A pool cleaner is essentially a vacuum cleaner for the bottom of your pool.

 Despite its hi-tech nature, a pool vacuum isn’t all that expensive. It costs about as much as any other appliance one would own to maintain their house. This means that there’s no excuse not to get one.

 When shopping for a pool vacuum, there are a few things that prospective buyers should keep in mind. These factors decide how well your experience using that machine to clean your pool is going to be. The first and most important is the quality of the unit. Quality goes hand in hand with reliability. You shouldn’t skimp out when buying a pool vacuum, even if you’re on a budget. It’ll cost you more in the long run. With a high-quality unit, you could expect it to run fine for years upon years. Sacrifice features for quality.

 The next thing to focus on is power. You might be thinking that the more powerful the vacuum, the better it is, right? You’re correct but only partly. How powerful of a pool vacuum you should get depends on the size of your pool. By choosing a pool cleaner that is suitable for your pool, you can save some big bucks. It’ll work just as well as a bigger, more expensive unit.

The Must Have Equipment in Your Toolbox at Home

A home toolbox is a must-have tool in the home since it helps in solving emergencies and fixing problems at the right time. The toolbox has numerous tools, which helps in fixing different issues as well as maintenance and general repairs. There are different sizes of toolboxes that also translate to the size of the tools. Some toolboxes are bigger and contain more tools. The basics include:


This is the widely used tool in the toolbox and get the most out of your money. They have different heads, you have a complete set in the toolbox, and you could choose a universal handle with an adjustable head for fixing different screwdrivers using the same handle. The shape of the screw dictates the type of screw head used. There are different types of screwdrivers. Some include star screwdriver and straight screwdriver. The tool helps to open cases of different appliances. The screwdriver depends on the screw used to hold the appliance.

Tape Measure

Any project requires a tape measure to help you get the right lengths. If you need to get the measurement of floor plans and size of furniture, you need to measure to get the right lengths. It is also used to help make purchases once you have a bill of quantities.


When you need to get a straight floor, a level comes in handy. It also minimizes the errors as a result of guesswork.


A hammer handle completes all nailing tasks. The other edge also helps to remove unwanted nails. The heavy metal acts as an object where an external force is required.


A utility knife is a must-have tool for opening paint boxes, trimming and cutting purposes in different projects. It has many uses, at times it assists in removing excess quantities as a result of poor measurements. However, it can only be used on the light material. The toolbox can have a putty knife to handle scraping functions.

Nail Set

A nail set supports the hammer. The dents hammers leaves look ugly on wooden equipment, a nail set helps in leveling the surface and the nails for smooth texture during painting.


Pliers save the hand from injury while drilling a nail using a hammer. It holds nuts and nails for a firm grip. It also helps bend metals where necessary.

Combination Set Square

This tool supports the tape measures. Its main function is to measure right angles and 45 degrees ideal during plumbing. The edge of the set square is a measuring tool to support the angle measurements.


A spanner supports the functions of pliers. The only advantage is it is adjustable to fit the nail or nut for gripping.


C-clamp acts as a holding equipment to hold nails during drilling.

Other tools in a toolbox include wire stripper, power drill, and flashlight. Some of the tools can handle two or more tasks. The toolboxes are categories based on purposes. A carpenter’s toolbox contain more woodwork tools compared to a welder’s tool box.

wooden toolbox with tools. isolated on white.

wooden toolbox with tools. isolated on white.

How can a writer promote her works?

crm_magazine_logoThe success of a writer depends on referrals and return customers who sought her services. Advanced technology has made the world a global village, with wide internet accessibility and usage a writer can take advantage of many Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tools to advertise and market her services. Infusionsoft is one such marketing software; its landing page offers a platform where guests interested in her services can make comments, contact and hire her. These are infusionsoft’s review when comparing convertkit to leadpages(

Infusionsoft is renowned for helping writers engage with their audience. A writer’s main clients are readers, once she tailors her website such that there is a forum for comments and reviews, it is the best place where she can direct interested parties to hyperlinks with her biography, additional information, and work samples.

Infusionsoft is a comprehensive toolkit she can capitalize to build leads and create a database of subscribers. Its Email customization tool does not filter Email to Spam box, clear proof of Email receipt. It also supports a large database and believed to have high conversation rate, and a further increase in lead generation and sales revenue.

The main aim of InfusionSoft landing page is lead generation. The leads can be a great source of capturing visitors, guests and followers contacts to build traffic to her website. They become her first target market, once you have their contacts – mostly Email. A writer keeps them informed of any new relevant milestone, event, and e-courses.

She can use the leads to communicate marketing campaigns related to her works. Market experts believe the conversion rate of a good marketing campaign through Infusionsoft landing page is at 60 percent. The automation software ensures there is a follow-up mail of all visitors and guests.

The page provides a forum for one-on-one interaction with the audience. This helps her get honest feedback on “do and donuts” as a result; it improves her works for more clients. The integration with other social media platforms provides her with a network for more referrals to her website. A writer’s presence online is vital, InfusionSoft is one cheap software with a trial demo to help her start at no cost.

InfusionSoft landing page is integrated to her website to help make an analysis on the effectiveness of specific campaigns. This is possible since it displays all the actions of every contact on the database captured in the marketing campaigns.

The landing page is a one-stop place to manage leads, systematize all marketing campaigns, conduct surveys and register participants for a course. The hyperlinks on the landing pages can help her provide samples of her work to prove her skills to subscribers. CRM tools have made work easier for promotions, within a click of a button; she is able to reach a wider audience. Promotions and campaigns target increases subscriptions which later turn to be clients. A writer who does not have clients to seek her services is demoralized, InfusionSoft is a tool to help a writer reach out to editors, CEOs, editorial managers and direct clients to hire her.


Haemi’s Journal

This is a fictions journal by Haemi on how she slowly fed his dog with dangerous food supplements that she did not know it was killing the dogs slowly. You should not self-medicate a dog without a vet doctor’s prescription it may have an acute effect on dog body functioning. Secondly, the long-term effect can make a dog’s health deteriorate and later turn fatal.  It is advisable to stick to dog food recommended by vet health diets. Dogs love to eat human food, as a dog owner, there are some of the foods to avoid that you need to know and you also need to know the right way of choosing joint supplements for your dogs joint pain


The caffeine content in chocolate contains toxic substances (methylxanthines) which cause stomach disturbances, vomiting, dehydration, seizures which cause restlessness in dogs. If prompt action is not taken, it may be fatal.

Dairy products

Milk found in dairy products is proved to make a drastic change in the PH of a dog’s stomach. The resultants signs include serious gastric disorders, which can lead to death. Avoid milk, cheese, ghee and other milk products near dogs. Scientists’ reports a dog’s stomach lacks enzymes to break down fats and amino acids found in milk. There leads to serious body malfunction in the dog, which can be fatal.

Leguminous nuts

Beans, peas, ground nuts; cashew nuts are just but some examples of leguminous nuts. There is no proven scientific evidence on the concept behind the nuts but when dogs consume them, they have similar health symptoms like when they consume dairy products. Speculations reports lack enzymes in a dog’s stomach to work on the fat content found in the nuts.


Garlic is a form of union; a great enemy as dog food. It contains toxic substances, which cause acute body malfunction among the dogs. Removal from the dog’s blood stream is also an uphill task. This will make you kill your dog slowly through simple, which can be avoided. It causes malfunction of the red blood cells causing restlessness and fatigue


Grapes are fruits known to cause kidney failure in dogs. This occurs within three days after eating grapes. Before kidney failure, the dog experiences severe dehydration, change in the color of urine and no appetite. After kidney failure, the dog can no longer survive but die.

What is a good dog diet?

Dog diet contains all the essential nutrients- proteins, carbohydrates, fats and vitamins in the right quantities considering the delicate stomach of a dog, which lacks enzymes to digest saturated fat. Buy dog food from renowned stores and proven by the department of vet medicine. This is save you from unnecessary worries on dog meals. Information is power, have relevant information on a dogs menu if you want to make a homemade meal.