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How can a writer promote her works?

crm_magazine_logoThe success of a writer depends on referrals and return customers who sought her services. Advanced technology has made the world a global village, with wide internet accessibility and usage a writer can take advantage of many Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tools to advertise and market her services. Infusionsoft is one such marketing software; its landing page offers a platform where guests interested in her services can make comments, contact and hire her. These are infusionsoft’s review when comparing convertkit to leadpages(

Infusionsoft is renowned for helping writers engage with their audience. A writer’s main clients are readers, once she tailors her website such that there is a forum for comments and reviews, it is the best place where she can direct interested parties to hyperlinks with her biography, additional information, and work samples.

Infusionsoft is a comprehensive toolkit she can capitalize to build leads and create a database of subscribers. Its Email customization tool does not filter Email to Spam box, clear proof of Email receipt. It also supports a large database and believed to have high conversation rate, and a further increase in lead generation and sales revenue.

The main aim of InfusionSoft landing page is lead generation. The leads can be a great source of capturing visitors, guests and followers contacts to build traffic to her website. They become her first target market, once you have their contacts – mostly Email. A writer keeps them informed of any new relevant milestone, event, and e-courses.

She can use the leads to communicate marketing campaigns related to her works. Market experts believe the conversion rate of a good marketing campaign through Infusionsoft landing page is at 60 percent. The automation software ensures there is a follow-up mail of all visitors and guests.

The page provides a forum for one-on-one interaction with the audience. This helps her get honest feedback on “do and donuts” as a result; it improves her works for more clients. The integration with other social media platforms provides her with a network for more referrals to her website. A writer’s presence online is vital, InfusionSoft is one cheap software with a trial demo to help her start at no cost.

InfusionSoft landing page is integrated to her website to help make an analysis on the effectiveness of specific campaigns. This is possible since it displays all the actions of every contact on the database captured in the marketing campaigns.

The landing page is a one-stop place to manage leads, systematize all marketing campaigns, conduct surveys and register participants for a course. The hyperlinks on the landing pages can help her provide samples of her work to prove her skills to subscribers. CRM tools have made work easier for promotions, within a click of a button; she is able to reach a wider audience. Promotions and campaigns target increases subscriptions which later turn to be clients. A writer who does not have clients to seek her services is demoralized, InfusionSoft is a tool to help a writer reach out to editors, CEOs, editorial managers and direct clients to hire her.


How to teach playing Ping Pong to a child

childs-ping-pongTeaching children sport games as early as they start acquiring their psychomotor skills helps them gain prowess and define their sports career. It helps them identify their talents and nurture it from childhood. Children easily grasp content since they have no prior knowledge. You can vary the methodology to avoid boredom and improve mastery of the skill; although, the practical bit should be the main teaching methodology.  Another methodology involves videos and Ping Pong computer games. The players in the videos should be children of their age to act as a motivating factor to enhance their Indoor ping pong table skill prowess.

Practical methodology

Children have a low concentration span. At the beginning, take shorter hours unless they demand more. The first step is the basic ball response and hitting skills. They can do this alone because if they are all beginners, they may not grasp the content

Ball hitting skills

Use a wall as the opponent. Let the wall act as a block to enhance their ball response skills. It also helps them learn different body movements while responding to the ball. The ball must bounce back; the intensity of the bouncing ball becomes a learning tool in ball hitting skills.

Guide the child to hit the ball low, in accordance with the tennis table for better results. Let the child vary the intensity of ball response so allow him to very different ball response skills.

Footwork skills

The foot is a support for stability. Teach the child to widen the legs to increase stability and use that skill to make the body flexible to handle different ball response skills required. A child may not master this to perfection, but continuous practice will sharpen his skills.

Butt handling skills

Ensure the child has the right butt handling skills. Show him on the best way to handle it. The grip should be firm to rotate it at 360 degrees. These skills will allow him to know how to respond to the ball and hit back at different positions by making the right paddle selection.

Ball response skills

During training with the wall, varying intensity will guide the child to be able to response to different ball intensity and height.

Cognitive skills

Ping Pong is a brain game. Let the child understand the use of intelligence in handling the ball. This will be better practiced when playing with an opponent.

Physical exercise

Do not concentrate so much on skills only. Ping Pong requires a physically fit person. Do simple warm ups to activate the body system in preparation for the game.


After a child has mastered all these skills, it is important you take the child through table tennis rules. They may look young but they grasp faster. Let them follow the rules from the onset.

Training a child to play Ping Pong require endurance and patience. Different children have different levels of grasping skills and sometimes, improving ping pong skills using a robot. Treat the child as an individual and move on subsequent skills when you are sure he has mastered the current skills. When playing with an opponent, let them enjoy rather that than compete.

Haemi’s Journal

This is a fictions journal by Haemi on how she slowly fed his dog with dangerous food supplements that she did not know it was killing the dogs slowly. You should not self-medicate a dog without a vet doctor’s prescription it may have an acute effect on dog body functioning. Secondly, the long-term effect can make a dog’s health deteriorate and later turn fatal.  It is advisable to stick to dog food recommended by vet health diets. Dogs love to eat human food, as a dog owner, there are some of the foods to avoid that you need to know and you also need to know the right way of choosing joint supplements for your dogs joint pain


The caffeine content in chocolate contains toxic substances (methylxanthines) which cause stomach disturbances, vomiting, dehydration, seizures which cause restlessness in dogs. If prompt action is not taken, it may be fatal.

Dairy products

Milk found in dairy products is proved to make a drastic change in the PH of a dog’s stomach. The resultants signs include serious gastric disorders, which can lead to death. Avoid milk, cheese, ghee and other milk products near dogs. Scientists’ reports a dog’s stomach lacks enzymes to break down fats and amino acids found in milk. There leads to serious body malfunction in the dog, which can be fatal.

Leguminous nuts

Beans, peas, ground nuts; cashew nuts are just but some examples of leguminous nuts. There is no proven scientific evidence on the concept behind the nuts but when dogs consume them, they have similar health symptoms like when they consume dairy products. Speculations reports lack enzymes in a dog’s stomach to work on the fat content found in the nuts.


Garlic is a form of union; a great enemy as dog food. It contains toxic substances, which cause acute body malfunction among the dogs. Removal from the dog’s blood stream is also an uphill task. This will make you kill your dog slowly through simple, which can be avoided. It causes malfunction of the red blood cells causing restlessness and fatigue


Grapes are fruits known to cause kidney failure in dogs. This occurs within three days after eating grapes. Before kidney failure, the dog experiences severe dehydration, change in the color of urine and no appetite. After kidney failure, the dog can no longer survive but die.

What is a good dog diet?

Dog diet contains all the essential nutrients- proteins, carbohydrates, fats and vitamins in the right quantities considering the delicate stomach of a dog, which lacks enzymes to digest saturated fat. Buy dog food from renowned stores and proven by the department of vet medicine. This is save you from unnecessary worries on dog meals. Information is power, have relevant information on a dogs menu if you want to make a homemade meal.

Eating your favorite food to overcome Writer’s block

Writer block is a familiar condition for all authors. There are no known concrete causes of it but its management lies within the author. Before you embark on solving it, be positive about the condition to help take the shortest time to recover. In adverse cases, a writer can take years to come out of the condition. It is a health, physical and emotional condition integrated into a single ailment. Eating your favorite food is one such solution. A writer can choose to take time and prepare the best BBQ at the backyard.

Causes of writer block

The main causes of writer’s block are fear, perfection and poor timing. Not all the time is the best time to write. If you write at the most inappropriate time, the fear of rejection overrides approval. This reduces your creativity levels. If you are a perfectionist, at this time you will experience a writer’s block.

Smoked BBQ preparation to avoid writer’s block

A writer can invest in the best BBQ smoker to help in preparation of different BBQ recipes.Here are some Seriouslysmoked’s comparison of pellet style smokers: check them out here .  It is a time-consuming activity, which is advisable for a writer since it takes helps in taking a time off and change the environment away from writing. Whether elastic or charcoal powered smoker; the idea behind the smoker is environment change. Once you set up the smoker and ingredients in the backyard, the sweet aroma, and breathtaking experience give the body a fulfilling effect. The serene provides a satisfactory appreciation of oneself and nature. The preparation activities give the body some physical activity which is a form of exercise. Trying out to ensure the BBQ is tasty and delicious takes out your mind off the creative task ahead of you. It changes your mind completely to focus on physical health.

When was the last time you made a tasty meal for yourself? The equation is complete when there are other family members to help you out make your favorite meal. By the time, you finish the preparation; a writer has a settled mind while the body needs are fulfilled. Automatically, you are fresh to get back to the desk and create new ideas for the write-up.

The antioxidant effect of a smoked BBQ changes your mood hence a happy writer. The overall effect is a clear mind ready to think and be creative for new ideas in writing. The serotonin levels in meat bites is essential for brain cells. It ignites hormones responsible for memory boost allowing a writer to cheer up for the upcoming tasks.

Preparation of a favorite meal is one creating a solution for a writer’s block. Every writer has a way of solving a block. The best method lies at the individual level; personal preference dominates the best solution. Foods rich in minerals increase concentration and improved brain health. At such a time, meat bites, fruits, and vegetables come in handy as a timely solution. In addition, it gives you a time off books to rethink and strategize your next course of action in writing.