Daily Archive: October 1, 2016

Haemi’s Journal

This is a fictions journal by Haemi on how she slowly fed his dog with dangerous food supplements that she did not know it was killing the dogs slowly. You should not self-medicate a dog without a vet doctor’s prescription it may have an acute effect on dog body functioning. Secondly, the long-term effect can make a dog’s health deteriorate and later turn fatal.  It is advisable to stick to dog food recommended by vet health diets. Dogs love to eat human food, as a dog owner, there are some of the foods to avoid that you need to know and you also need to know the right way of choosing joint supplements for your dogs joint pain


The caffeine content in chocolate contains toxic substances (methylxanthines) which cause stomach disturbances, vomiting, dehydration, seizures which cause restlessness in dogs. If prompt action is not taken, it may be fatal.

Dairy products

Milk found in dairy products is proved to make a drastic change in the PH of a dog’s stomach. The resultants signs include serious gastric disorders, which can lead to death. Avoid milk, cheese, ghee and other milk products near dogs. Scientists’ reports a dog’s stomach lacks enzymes to break down fats and amino acids found in milk. There leads to serious body malfunction in the dog, which can be fatal.

Leguminous nuts

Beans, peas, ground nuts; cashew nuts are just but some examples of leguminous nuts. There is no proven scientific evidence on the concept behind the nuts but when dogs consume them, they have similar health symptoms like when they consume dairy products. Speculations reports lack enzymes in a dog’s stomach to work on the fat content found in the nuts.


Garlic is a form of union; a great enemy as dog food. It contains toxic substances, which cause acute body malfunction among the dogs. Removal from the dog’s blood stream is also an uphill task. This will make you kill your dog slowly through simple, which can be avoided. It causes malfunction of the red blood cells causing restlessness and fatigue


Grapes are fruits known to cause kidney failure in dogs. This occurs within three days after eating grapes. Before kidney failure, the dog experiences severe dehydration, change in the color of urine and no appetite. After kidney failure, the dog can no longer survive but die.

What is a good dog diet?

Dog diet contains all the essential nutrients- proteins, carbohydrates, fats and vitamins in the right quantities considering the delicate stomach of a dog, which lacks enzymes to digest saturated fat. Buy dog food from renowned stores and proven by the department of vet medicine. This is save you from unnecessary worries on dog meals. Information is power, have relevant information on a dogs menu if you want to make a homemade meal.