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The Must Have Equipment in Your Toolbox at Home

A home toolbox is a must-have tool in the home since it helps in solving emergencies and fixing problems at the right time. The toolbox has numerous tools, which helps in fixing different issues as well as maintenance and general repairs. There are different sizes of toolboxes that also translate to the size of the tools. Some toolboxes are bigger and contain more tools. The basics include:


This is the widely used tool in the toolbox and get the most out of your money. They have different heads, you have a complete set in the toolbox, and you could choose a universal handle with an adjustable head for fixing different screwdrivers using the same handle. The shape of the screw dictates the type of screw head used. There are different types of screwdrivers. Some include star screwdriver and straight screwdriver. The tool helps to open cases of different appliances. The screwdriver depends on the screw used to hold the appliance.

Tape Measure

Any project requires a tape measure to help you get the right lengths. If you need to get the measurement of floor plans and size of furniture, you need to measure to get the right lengths. It is also used to help make purchases once you have a bill of quantities.


When you need to get a straight floor, a level comes in handy. It also minimizes the errors as a result of guesswork.


A hammer handle completes all nailing tasks. The other edge also helps to remove unwanted nails. The heavy metal acts as an object where an external force is required.


A utility knife is a must-have tool for opening paint boxes, trimming and cutting purposes in different projects. It has many uses, at times it assists in removing excess quantities as a result of poor measurements. However, it can only be used on the light material. The toolbox can have a putty knife to handle scraping functions.

Nail Set

A nail set supports the hammer. The dents hammers leaves look ugly on wooden equipment, a nail set helps in leveling the surface and the nails for smooth texture during painting.


Pliers save the hand from injury while drilling a nail using a hammer. It holds nuts and nails for a firm grip. It also helps bend metals where necessary.

Combination Set Square

This tool supports the tape measures. Its main function is to measure right angles and 45 degrees ideal during plumbing. The edge of the set square is a measuring tool to support the angle measurements.


A spanner supports the functions of pliers. The only advantage is it is adjustable to fit the nail or nut for gripping.


C-clamp acts as a holding equipment to hold nails during drilling.

Other tools in a toolbox include wire stripper, power drill, and flashlight. Some of the tools can handle two or more tasks. The toolboxes are categories based on purposes. A carpenter’s toolbox contain more woodwork tools compared to a welder’s tool box.

wooden toolbox with tools. isolated on white.

wooden toolbox with tools. isolated on white.