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Cooking has been defined as the art, skill, science or technology of preparing food which is aimed at human consumption. Researchers have postulated that human ancestors were invented 23 million years ago. There are various methods of cooking and they include — Roasting, Baking, Smoking, Frying, Steaming, and Boiling. Therefore, in creating a blog about smoking meat, the following should be taken note of:
– Give a brief introduction and definition of cooking and smoking as a cooking process.
– State the types of smokers used for smoking meat as well as their various functions
– Mention the methods involved in smoking meat
– Always use pictures show the types of meats, woods as well as smokers needed for smoking meat
– Give the best method for preserving the cooked meat
– State how the burners can be cleaned for preservation

STEP ONE — Choosing a smoker
First, it is good to note the various types of smokers that can be used to prepare smoke meat. They are Electric smokers, Charcoal smokers, Propane smokers, Wood smokers, and Pellet smokers.

STEP TWO — Brining the meat
Brining is the process whereby salt, herbs, spices, vinegar or caramel is applied to the meat in order to preserve and enhance the taste of the cooked pork meat.

STEP THREE — Keep the temperature slow and low
This is another important step in cooking meat, it is good to keep the temperature between 212 and 230 degrees Fahrenheit. With this temperature, the meat’s cell walls would not blow up and burst and it will make the meat more succulent and also retain its nutrients during the smoking process. Tough collagens in the tissue of the pork meats are hydrolyzed into gelatine without the proteins being overheated and this is as a result of the low cooking temperatures.

STEP FOUR—Sat the cooking time
It is advisable to calculate a cooking time of 6 — 8 hours. However, this might be hugely affected by the temperature and heat of the grill. Pork ribs usually take up to 8 hours.

STEP FIVE— Placing the pork meat on the smoker
It is better to put the meat on the grill. Do not cover or wrap it with any sort of foil as this will prevent any sort of smoke to touch the pork meat. Avoid direct heat contact with the pork meat.

STEP SIX — Follow the 3-2-1 process
This simply means that the pork meat smokes for the first three hours, and then you cover it with foil for the next 2 hours and then finish it uncovered in the last hour. This is a recommended method that helps to preserve the taste of the pork meat as well as the moisture and it helps to reduce too much fat found in pork meats.

STEP SEVEN — Remove the pork meat when it reaches the right temperature
This is the last step that is involved. A thermometer should be used to monitor when the pork meat reaches the temperature. Usually, pork meat is 160 degrees. When you cut the pork meat and see a pink ring, then just know that it was properly cooked at the right heat and temperature.

A cast iron grill is essential for smoking because of its ability to retain heat for a long period of time. It can last for a long period of time but it is easily affected by water which can lead to rust. This can be avoided by properly cleaning the grill. The following ways are best used for cleaning a cast iron grill.

Clean immediately after USG. Scrape the grate clean of all particles — this is done by using a brush with a little soap. Use warm water to wash after use to remove the soap. Dry the grate after washing. Always coat the grate with vegetable oil or olive oil. Always heat the oiled grill before use. Store them in a dry place

It is always best to buy a smoker that suits your lifestyle and preference. There are different smokers for different uses such as — Vertical water smokers — this is cheap and easy to operate

Horizontal offset smoker — Usually used by professionals for business. It is quite expensive as the price ranges from $1000 – $5000

Box smokers — Also easy to use and less cost-effective
Electric smokers — It has an inbuilt system to control temperatures but you might not get that unique and desired smoke flavor. Others are Drum smokers and smoker ovens

The overall essence of choosing the right smoker is in order to have delicious smoked meat. Once you take the right steps and also use the right smokers in cooking, you will surely get the desired delicious smoked meat.

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