About Us

Founder, Mission, Vision

Haemi B. Algassi

Haemi B. Algassi is the founder of this blog. She loves blogging about her passion “blogging.” Haemi has been blogging professionally for many years and began this platform to share her knowledge and experience on the topic.

She loves to share what she knows about blogging to benefit individuals and businesses. At Haemi Balgassi, you’ll learn everything about blogging, what it is and its range of benefits. Algassi also shows her readers how to get started blogging for business or personal gain.

Mission and Vision


The mission of Haemi Balgassi is to share information, knowledge and tips about blogging for personal or business purposes.


Our goal is to become a leading platform or online resource for information about blogging, its benefits and how to get started, doing it for personal or professional reasons.