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5 Soft Skills Bloggers can Emulate from Woodworking

When employers are looking for employees with the same level of education, the soft skills come in handy to give you the job.

These are skills you can’t learn in any formal set up; they are either inborn or acquired. Bloggers spend most of their time behind the keyboards with little or no human interaction.

As much as it is rewarding, you miss out on social skills that easily slip you into becoming a social misfit.

The irony if this is that, these are the most social people in the online streets. Their social media pages are full of laughter and jokes, with a considerable following. When you now meet them; the contrary is true.

What a blogger does away from the computer comes in handy to sharpen their social skills. Digital technology is even to their disadvantage.

The monetization of blogs gives them a full-time job. Some opt to spend the rest of their time on social media streets, for they also notice they have a challenge with dealing with people.

Woodworking is one such skill ideal for every blogger. The DIY wooden projects they undertake are of importance in their psychosocial development.

With a few woodwork tools, a blogger is good to go. He can purchase the woodwork tools based on the project at hand.

For example, he can choose to make a simple bookshelf for his books. What does he need?

  • Miter saw
  • Router
  • Manual planer
  • Nails.

A miter saw is a good option. Why? It is the most portable cutting tool for DIY projects. The router is ideal for a beginner thanks to its fixed base to prevent minor and major accidents.

The manual planer is also a supporting tool to get smooth surfaces. Of course, the nails are joining tools on areas where the router has made the holes.

Look at this project alone, you know it’s not all about pressing keyboard keys to have the work done. You must sit and think of a design, assemble all your needed tools, and find it not straightforward.

There are challenges here and there before you become the best woodworker/blogger.

What are these 5 Soft Skills Bloggers can emulate from Woodworking?

Critical thinking

The simple bookshelf a blogger needs as easy as it may sound. It’s a process to ensure you get the right design.

You may have the woodwork knowledge, but how you practically use the experience to analyze the situation at hand is of importance.

Moreover, you need to understand how various tools work, and in any case, you lack any, how then can you improvise them what you have and make the best bookshelf your family and friends can admire?

 When armed with this skill, you are now sure you can move your blogging business to the next level.

You analyze your data traffic, what works for you, and what doesn’t. You can think beyond posting content on your blog and focus on media engagement to increase traffic.


Once you know how to use the tools and essential woodworking skills, your creativity now defines whether you are a successful woodworker or not?

The unique designs you come up with within any project must be admired for you to know that you can move the woodwork hobby to a business.

Woodworking helps you to become innovative and develop ideas that help you have a high market share in the digital market as a blogger.

You know what your audience needs in terms of content. You understand how it should be done.

In short, you use digital tools to come up with innovative ideas in digital entrepreneurship. Who doesn’t want to grow in the online market?

Power of positivity

One thing about woodwork is that once you start the project, you have the zeal to complete it.

It doesn’t matter how many times you dismantle the pieces to begin anew. What matters is the end product.

You develop a positive spirit throughout the entire journey and have no room for failure. As a blogger, before you make that dollar in blog monetization, you can even give up, unless you have a positive mind.

Moreover, you may create a blog to host ads that don’t come through. What do you do instead?

 Abandon the project or rethink on better ways to move the business to the next level? That latter is the obvious option.

Team spirit

Unlike blogging, where you type and post and wait for results. It’s a straight forward kind of business.

In woodworking, the business model is different. You can’t crack all the designs. At one point, you have to consult with fellow woodworkers on what to do to achieve a specific result.

 You need to take training in new woodwork tools in the market to be at par with the latest trends.

With this, you get to know the value of individuals in their own right. With this in mind, you now get to know how to deal with people in the online market, whether they give you negative or positive feedback.


As you make the shelf, you know you need to let the wood gum dry as you drill the holes to support the nails. You know various tools to use to hold the wood pieces together as you wait for the planer to finish the smoothening work.

 It’s a skill you comfortable transfer in your blogging business; you can simultaneously handle many online jobs.

You open different tabs and let them complete a task as you finish creating that important content. Soft skills come in handy to support any online entrepreneur, but only if they engage in meaningful activities away from the keyboard.